Holiday with Meaning

Combine an extraordinary holiday with meaningful activity....

Voluntary Service in Sri Lanka

Interested young people from Germany can complete their Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) at the foundation in Sri Lanka...

Voluntary Service in Germany

We place and support young adults from Sri Lanka who want to do voluntary service in Germany...

Sponsored Children

You can give a child a new lease of life...


A House for Sacindu

As a severely autistic child, Sacindu was virtually "locked up" for 8 years so that his mother could work. This was the only way for his mother to earn money.

He lived with his family in a mud hut with no windows, toilet or running water.

For the equivalent of around 3,500 euros, a small house was built for his family (with windows, doors and running water).

Since then, we have been looking after Sacindu from Monday to Friday so that his mother can work.

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A better life for Himmeke

After an electrical accident as a small child, eleven-year-old Himmeke is now severely disabled and can only lie down.

- He was often tormented by ant bites on his mattress on the floor.

- The foundation had a handicapped-accessible bed built for him


Kindergarden for poor families

  • Founded in January 2017
  • Integrative kindergarten, care for disabled children
  • The kindergarten costs around 35 euros per child per month, including a hot meal (normal price: around 70 euros per child, excluding food).
  • The number of children is growing steadily: initially 20, now over 30 children. We receive many new registrations and enquiries - there may not be enough space.
  • due to financial and trust problems the programm was shut down 2020

Heart surgery

A 3-month-old child is brought to us: blue extremities due to massive circulatory problems caused by a hole in the heart.
The expected lifespan of the baby is estimated at around 3 months.
The waiting time for the state-financed, free operation is approx. 1 year - so there is no chance of survival for the child.
  An operation in a private clinic can be carried out immediately, but costs around 5,000 euros. The family was only able to raise 3,500 euros through a loan. We were able to support the family with a donation of 1,500 euros - the child's life could be saved. 6 months later, the father unexpectedly returns 1,000 euros.