-- Volunteer in Germany --

We arrange and support young adults from Sri Lanka who want to do voluntary service in Germany.

For the young people here, this one-year stay in Germany is of great importance. Not only do they benefit from their own experiences, but the entire environment will be able to share in the experiences and benefit from the new knowledge after returning home.

This not only contributes to economic success, but also to international understanding as well as to improving the living conditions of people with disabilities.

We hold many discussions with interested young people and their families about what they can expect in Germany, provide support with correspondence with the local authorities and the authorities in Germany, and are there to offer advice and support right up until the day of departure.

It is not uncommon that after returning home, there is a strong desire to continue working with children and young people.

In the first week of December 2021, we were again able to place a young adult in Germany, where he is doing voluntary service in an institution for adults with special needs.

He was delighted to receive his visa, book his flight and leave within a few days.

He came by a few more times to discuss with us what things he should take with him: "... you definitely need warm clothes!", we laugh.

He also takes spices from home, because he wants to introduce Sri Lankan cuisine there - and he is looking forward to the first snow


There are other interested young people. For them, we have organized a learning and exchange group that now meets regularly to practice German and to help each other with forms and motivation letters.

We are happy to help you too - fill out this form and prepare yourself for a year in Germany!